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More people are bicycling to get around cities worldwide than ever before. Urban cycling is a safe, healthy, and enjoyable way for people of all stripes to get around. UrbanCyclist.com aims to be a resource for every city biker, with how-to articles, reviews, and celebrations of two-wheeled urban life.

UrbanCyclist.com is an informational site affiliated with and sponsored by Velotech, Inc. Check back every week for a new article or review!

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Great content, and nice website congratulations!

Anonymous, submitted 8/10/2010

just saw your site and it looks very nice.



Hktr(Mexicali, B.C.), submitted 4/23/2011

Gran sitio web con muchsima informacin, til en cualquier lenguaje. GRACIAS!

Great information - thanks for taking the time

Michelle from Melbournebybike.com, Australia.(Melbourne, Australia), submitted 12/25/2011

Just found your website. Very informative and seemingly unbiased articles. I will be sure to check back regularly - thanks. Do you have a Facebook page? If so, which of the 4 called urban cyclist are you? All the best for 2012.


Anonymous, submitted 7/21/2012

Great site, for all off us that are Urban Cyclists and are trying to promete it. I wish no know if there is way to contact you? Thanks